Core Team
The Home Expedition
Andrew Strachan
Expedition Director
Andrew Strachan joined the team in January 2011 as Expedition Director, having lived in Asia for the past 6 years. Andrew has 14 years experience in organising diverse events around the world and was the Course Director for the Singapore and Hong Kong Challenge events. He has also completed ultramarathons such as Gobi March 2008, Namibia Race 2009 and Hong Kong Trailwalker.
Kang Hua
Running & Operations Manager
Kanghua (China) is a qualified and experienced mountain guide and instructor and veteran of many expeditions around the world. Age 40. Speaks English.
Stephen McNally
Expedition Physiotherapist
Stephen McNally (Republic of Ireland). Stephen is a sports physiotherapist working in the UK. He will look after all four runners and also manage their nutrition and hydration. Stephen will join the team for the entire journey
Ro Hsuan Chen
Ro Hsuan Chen (Taiwan) who will be documenting both the runners challenges and the history and culture of the Silk Road Countries. Her work will be published in books, magazines and newspapers essentially in China and Taiwan. Ro Hsuan was on the scouting trip through Iran in 2010.
Rachel Hadden
Expedition Doctor

Rachel Hadden (British). Expedition Doctor (1). Rachel is an experienced Expedition Medical Officer. She is keen to do the first 2-3 weeks of expedition plus help with purchasing the medical equipment. Will take the team from Istanbul to Erzincan. Rachel is an environmentalist. After Turkey, she will take train all the back to his home in Northern Ireland to show his commitment to low carbon life style.

Andrew Peacock
Expedition Doctor

Andrew Peacock (Australia). Expedition Doctor (2). Andrew is physician experienced in Sports and Emergency Medicine and veteran of numerous expeditions around the world to places like Kilimanjaro, Himalayas and the high Arctic. Will take the team from Erzincan to Almati.

Joseph Ahn
Expedition Doctor

Joseph (Joe) Ahn (US) Expedition Doctor (3). Joe will take over from Andrew Peacock in Almati, Kazakhstan and will see the team through to the finish line in Xi'an. Joe is an experienced physician.

Hong Po
Camp Manager

Hong Po(Taiwan) is an experienced camp manager, research follow and an adventurer who has joined many different sorts of ecological research/adventure. He will be in charge of runner supplies and daily camp management.